the weakest link

The Theory of Constraints (TOC) may be the most effective business philosophy you have never used (or have never heard of for that matter). Today, as much as any time before, business leaders are overwhelmed with the onslaught of things they think they should pay attention to. Applying the principles of TOC brings clarity to … Continue reading the weakest link

why change?

Prior to initiating a significant change, leaders should communicate to employees why their company needs to change. They don’t need to have all the answers. For example, they may not know what to change or what to change to yet? Still, they should articulate why they need to change.  It’s quite simple. Change or die. … Continue reading why change?

false hope

In this blog, I identify several pitfalls that can stand in the way of creating value. Unless leaders acknowledge these potential pitfalls and take steps to mitigate them, then the idea of creating value is nothing more than a false hope. Through this blog series, I aim to provide constructive advice to creating value. Before … Continue reading false hope